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The Guangdong Delegation

DMC Vanuatu worked with Westminster Travel (Hong Kong) to coordinate the VIP Executive Travel and activities of the Guangdong Delegation’s official visit to Vanuatu.  This included the Guangdong Governor, his VIP entourage, and a talented performance group.  The two groups required separate itineraries and separate transportation, each was accompanied by a local translator.

Airport Pick Up

The executive delegation utilised the separate VIP arrivals area which is also available to private groups.

Ekasup Village

Our movements included a trip to the Ekasup Cultural Village where they learned about Vanuatu culture and history and got to join in for the music.

Diplomatic Meetings

The Governor held several high-level meetings that included the President and Prime Minister of Vanuatu,  and later that evening the Performance Group put on an Amazing show at the Vanuatu National Convention Centre which was donated by the Chinese Government.

Executive Lunch

The executive group along with the Chinese Ambassador enjoyed a day out on Havannah Harbour with  exclusive use of the Coongoola, a 23-meter timber sailing ketch, followed by a private lunch at The Havannah Resort.

Trimaran Sail

Meanwhile, the performance group went out on a big trimaran, visited the Turtle sanctuary, and then over to Hapi Tok Beach for snorkelling and a BBQ Lunch.

The Results

A short but successful trip for everyone involved.

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