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The High Flyers Brief

High Flyers is an annual incentive trip for top achievers in a major Australian call centre and every year they try to do something bigger and more unique than the last one.  So the DMC Vanuatu’s Creative Event Management team got to work…

Creative Event Management Vanuatu Transport

Day 1 – Camion Transfer

We surprised our guests at the airport with the help from the Ekasup Warriors who arrived on the back of Camions (Flatbeds).  These were decked out with island foliage and custom woven mats.  The guests were instructed to climb aboard, the string bands started to play and the icy cold beverages started to flow. Our convoy took a slow drive through town with all the locals cheering them on.

Creative Event Management Vanuatu CSR

Day 2 – Amazing Race

The day began with a morning conference at Fare Pacifik at Le Lagon. At the conclusion, our team briefed them on the high prevalence of Diabetes (Sik Suga) in Vanuatu. This kicked off an ‘Amazing Race’ style event where they broke into teams and the clues were delivered in Bislama (local Pidjin). The first activity was to make a Basket Blong Titi  (bra) out of coconuts and then put it on.  Their quest led them to the local markets to buy island Kae Kae (food). The final clue sent them to a local village to locate their amputee.

Creative Event Management Vanuatu Community

Day 2 – Village + Presentation

Once at the villages, the groups tested the blood sugar of the locals and discussed the importance of a good diet and the dangers of Diabetes.  Then everyone headed to Reefers on the Bay with their newly befriended amputees in tow. Refreshments were served and each of the teams presented their amputee with a new a prosthetic limb courtesy of the Vanuatu Amputee Association. This was a highlight for many of the High Flyers and an emotional afternoon. A generous donation was made in the form of a symbolic giant cheque on behalf of the High Flyers.  

Creative Event Management Vanuatu White Party

Day 2 – White Party

Can’t believe this is the same day but later that night, especially decked out Camions picked up the group from Le Lagon and brought them to the Banyan Beach Bar for an exclusive White Party.  Complete with powerful black lights, funky French house tunes, coconut cocktails, a beach bonfire and buffet dinner, the night was a huge success.

Creative Event Management Vanuatu Unique Venue

Day 3 – Mad Max Theme Party

For a finale night extravaganze, the Creative Event Management Team created a Mad Max themed party in a defunct hotel site on a deserted beach.  It was the night of nights and the High Flyers costumes were amazing.  Plus a thumping sound system and incredible lighting.  In total Mad Max style, the catering team provided pig on the spit and flaming cocktails.  The finale of the evening was a pyrotechnic performance by the Vanua Fire Troupe.

Creative Event Management Vanuatu Mad Max Night

Day 4  – Homeward Bound

The group flew out early the next day and the feedback was that the DMC Vanuatu team had topped it as the ‘Best Ever’ High Flyers event EVER!!

We couldn’t recommend DMC Vanuatu’s Creative Event Team enough. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bill and the team. Thanks so much for all your hard work, flexibility and diligence in pulling together a very successful incentive trip for the High Flyers. We had great feedback from all the delegates and it was considered a massive success all round.

Bronwyn Bolton

Account Director, Aurora Creative Agency


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